Botolinum Toxin(Botox)

75898169 - plastic surgery. closeup of beautiful young woman receiving facial beauty injections. hands in gloves holding syringe doing hyaluronic acid injection, beauty procedure on female face. high resolution

Botulinum Toxin (Anti wrinkle)
Per Unit                                        R75

(When you bring a friend you both pay
only R65 per Unit)

Facelift threading


Silhouette Soft Threads (mini face-lift)

For Face, Neck and Eyebrows.


1 Set of threads - R9 500

2 Sets of threads - R16 500

3 Sets of threads - R23 500


Tasosol Threads (mini face-lift)

For Nose and Face.


Nose (Peako) - R950 (per thread)

Face (Basics) - R190 (per thread)

Chemical peeling

10248042 - cute young woman enjoying beauty treatment

Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peels (The "lunch time" peel)


1 Chemical Peel - R450

2 Chemical Peels - R800

3 Chemical Peels - R1 150

4 Chemical Peels - R1 500


20%, 35%, 50% and 70% Glycolic Acid.  No down time and no excessive skin peeling.

Spidervein Removal

90821802 - a doctor examines varicose veins on a woman's leg

Face or body

1 Session  - R500


Brand new technology.  Max of 4 treatments per area.  Painless.  No injections.  Immediate results.

Derma fillers

76061874 - plastic surgery. closeup of doctor hands doing beauty hyaluronic lip injection for sexy girl lips. portrait of beautiful young woman getting cosmetic treatment indoors. skin procedure. high resolution

Volift (Lip Volume) 1cc - R3 680

Volift Retouch (Lip Volume) 0.55cc - R2 070

Volite (upper lip rough skin/wrinkle) 1cc - R2 990

Volbella (Eyes) 1cc - R3 160

Voluma (Face) 1cc - R4 000


All Fillers require a free consultation.

Slender Wonder


Month 1 - R3 500

Month 2 (until goal weight, per month) - R2 500

Stabilization - R2 000

Maintenance - R2 200


Month prices include all basic products and 2 consultations per month.


Ask us for a detailed price list of all the Slender Wonder products.