90821802 - a doctor examines varicose veins on a woman's leg
80913036 - treatment of varicose before and after. varicose veins on the legs.

Spider Vein Removal

How does it work?

Introducing a new technology for the treatment of telangiectasias.

​The equipment consists in a main impulse-generator radio-frequency unit that drives impulses through ultra-fine, insulated needles to the desired location. Therefore, a highly accurate amount of energy is delivered to the exact place, producing a thermal injury which results in the effective thermo-coagulation of the blood vessel, not damaging surrounding tissues.


  • Long lasting and immediate results. • Quick sessions (normally less than 30 minutes), requiring no previous preparation. • It can be applied in any part of the body. • Easy to tolerate, no anesthesia required. • No bandages, return to normal activity immediately. • Applicable all year round. • No hyper or hypo-pigmentation hazard. • No scars. • No hematomas. • No allergic reactions. • No burns. • No necrosis.