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"Hi my name is Maritza, thank you for visiting our site. I will assist you through all our services, procedures and questions. At Stanway we focus on real results. Your comfort and satisfaction is our first priority. Dr. Kobus, J. Stanton is our Doctor in charge and handles all the medical procedures. He has been an accomplished Cardio Thoracic (Heart and Lung) Surgeon for the past 32 years, so you can be assured to be in safe hands when any medical advise is given or procedure is followed. Book a FREE consultation with us today and please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have."

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"The goal is to understand that inner beauty is something that can be "groomed" as easily as outward beauty. In fact, when you make inner beauty a daily practice, one realises that you can only grow more beautiful (rather than less) with the passage of time."

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